zSnap Version 1.2.0 Released

zSnap 1.2.0 is another fairly minor release, correcting some issues and introducing a small number of new or revised features.

New Features

Version 1.2.0 introduces the features listed below.

  • A periodic update check, which will check every 30 minutes for a new version. If a new version is found and the update check is cancelled, no further checks will be made until zSnap is restarted.
  • Image logging, to keep a handy record of all successfully uploaded images.
  • FTP filename length settings, allowing the default 16-character file name to be made longer (up to 128 characters) or shorter (to a minimum of 5 characters).

Bug Fixes & Revisions

In addition to new features, version 1.2.0 also fixes some bugs that were present within zSnap. Bugs fixed in this release are listed below.

  • The issue causing context window to remain open when clicking the Upload from Clipboard button has been resolved.
  • The FTP password dialogue will now detect the Enter / Return key being pressed, and will submit the entered password.


As per usual, downloads are available from the static resources server. You can find links to downloads of this release below.