zSnap Release 1.1.0 Now Available

Today marks the release of zSnap v1.1.0. This is a fairly minor release: it doesn't introduce too many new features, and builds on the revisions made in v1.0.1.

New Features

The only really new feature in this release is the ability to use authentication with picBox to upload images to a picBox account rather than the public gallery.

zSnap's installer will now also provide you with the option of automatically adding zSnap to your set of programs to start on system start-up.

Additionally, it is now possible to configure the Plain FTP module to use Active or Passive mode. In v1.0.x, it wasn't possible to switch modes, which led to problems for some users.

Other News

zSnap's documentation is now available from a public git repository, as well as from the official wiki site. Any changes for new versions will be available here before becoming available on the wiki.


Downloads are available from the normal location on the zSnap static resources server. Links have been provded below.