Introducing zSnap: The Simple Screenshot Utility

It is my pleasure to announce the release of zSnap v1.0.0. Over the past month, we've been working to bring zSnap to a state where it would be considered appropriate to release, and we've hit this point.

If you're just here for the downloads, you can skip to the bottom.

Simple, Functional, Powerful

zSnap's context window

All of zSnap's functionality is presented and easily accessible through a simple user interface. This interface has been designed to fit in with Windows® 7, 8, and 8.1, and will seamlessly blend in.

Whether you want to take a screenshot, share an image file, or upload the contents of your clipboard, you'll be able to do it in as few as three clicks.

This simplicity leads to a faster and smoother workflow, saving you time and making it easy for you to share images with other people.

No Configuration Required

Once zSnap is installed, it's ready to use. You can immediately start sharing images, and you'll only ever need to configure zSnap if you need more advanced functionality.

By default, zSnap includes the ability to upload to Imgur, the smaller host picBox, and to any FTP server. Of these, Imgur will be the default host.

Pluggable and Extensible

When you choose zSnap, you aren't locked in to using a single hosting provider. Through a well-defined plugin API, zSnap can be extended to use almost any hosting provider.

Downloading zSnap

Downloads for zSnap are provided in an installer (.EXE) and archive (.ZIP) format. You can find links to the downloads for version 1.0.0 below.